Client reviews of Crescent Clinic

Hi Lynda,

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all the gentle care you gave me last week when I had to have endodontic surgery on my gum. At first when a dentist says I will cut your gum open, peel it back and scrape out the infection it does worry a little but I have to say you did a great job for me. At no point was I worried and I was reassured that it sounded worse than it actually was.   It sounded like it would be really painful and on the contrary it was not. Your instructions to use the cold pack as much as possible (I did this for approx 12hours from when I left the surgery that day) was the best instruction and I only took 1 paracetamol 500mg pain relief tablet. By the time I was going to bed I could feel that the puffy lips and gums had settled. I kinda slept sitting up also ( I was not asked to do this) and when I got up the following morning there was no swelling and no pain. I took it easy eating till my stitches were removed 3 days later (and stayed off the smokes 5 days before and still off them 6 days later) and there were no complications. My gum healed super fast. If you ever have any patients who are worried about the thought of getting it done please feel free to show them the email or pass on my phone no. to them I would be more than happy to reassure them of your brilliance in dealing with me. I could not speak of your surgery skills any higher!! Thanks. The hardest part of the surgery was holding the cold pack to my face but I cannot emphasise strongly enough to your future patients how important this was to the healing process.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Paul Ebbs


To Lynda & Tina & Tracey,

Just a quick note to thank you for all your support and patience with Mark and for the excellent treatment I received at the Crescent Clinic, it was greatley appreciated.

Mary Duggan